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Most banks in India (like most companies in India) offer poor customer service. The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has been  formulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to solve this problem. You can resolve your complaints about the lack of or inadequate services provided by your bank. The  scheme was originally introduced in 1995. It originally covered  complaints regarding non-payment/delayed payment of cheques/drafts, banks not open during working hours and  other problems.

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme was revised in 2006 to include the many new services introduced by banks in India in the past few years. These include

1. Transaction related complaints of  ATM cards, debit cards and credit

2. Deduction of service charges by banks without prior intimation, unfair practices of banks

3. Non-compliance by direct sales agents (DSA) of  banks for services promised while opening an account


If you face a problem with any bank, you first have to register a complaint in writing with your bank (and get a written acknowledgement) . You can complain to the Banking Ombudsman only if

1. The complaint is rejected by the bank

2. You are not satisfied with the banks response

3. The bank does not respond to the complaint, within a period of 1 month from the date of receiving the complaint


 You can can register a complaint online or offline at no cost. There are more than 14 Banking Ombudsman offices in major state capitals in India where you can register a complaint offline. While filling a complaint , you should provide your contact information, name and address of the bank against which you are lodging the complaint, details of the complaint with documentary evidence and the compensation you need.  You can also fill the online complaint form on the RBI website

The Banking Ombudsman may reject a complaint

A common complaint - your account is debited , but you do not get money from the ATM

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bindu Mohankumar"
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:29 AM
I need help in Contacting the Banking Ombudsman regulated by RBi. 4 years ago I had a salary a/c with citibank as we didnt have any citibank atm's locally we were using Corporation bank ATM. One day when I withdrew Rs.4000 the money didnt come form the ATm but showed withdraw at my citibank a/c. I have contacted both the banks and corporation bank agrees that I didnt get the money. They even forwarded a mail to Swadhan group to refund my money but as of now nothing is happened and I am tired about checking with them. If I have to go legal how do I go ahead about it?

You can directly complain to the RBI which is regulates operation of all banks in India
The form for registering a complaint is available on the RBI website at
You can register the complaint online also

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