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Most people believe their banks are very safe, yet at times, the banks can make mistakes which can destroy your life. This is particularly true for exporters selling a unique product or having a unique business model in India. Instead of checking with the business owner to clarify their doubts, the ignorant staff at the bank will make certain false assumptions about the business, file complaints which can cause tremendous business losses.

To find proof to support the wrong assumption of the bank employee, the bank will put the customer under surveillance which can destroy the life of the customer. After a few years, the bank will realise their mistake, but refuse to offer any kind of compensation for the defamation and character assasination to the customer. In fact, they will refuse to even give a proper reply to the customer, despite following up. These are banks that make crores of rupees in profit, pay lip service to corporate social responsibility, support to women entrepreneurs, but in reality it is difficult to get any kind of compensation for the carelessnes of their employee, which destroyed the life of a single woman entrepreneur..

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