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The domain investor, online publisher owning this website and other domains, websites in the network is complaining mainly because she is victim of government FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY since 2010, with the indian and 5 state government especially in panaji, goa refusing to acknowledge the time and money she is spending doing the computer work and falsely claiming that scammer students, goan call girls, cheater robber housewives and other lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees especially greedy gujju stock broker amita patel who do not do any computer work, do not invest money in domains, own this and other domains, to pay them monthly salaries, while criminally defaming them in the worst manner. The greedy LIAR NTRO/raw employees are also falsely claiming that the savings, domains, bank account of the domain investor, who is an experienced engineer, who they HATE belong to their lazy greedy girlfriends who never worked as engineers, never invested money in domains, do no computer work and have almost no savings of their own to get their girlfriends raw/cbi jobs at the expense of the single woman who they HATE in clear case of CHEATING, EXPLOITATION,CRIMINAL defamation

One of the most shocking aspects of the financial fraud, government slavery, cybercrime, criminal defamation racket in the indian internet sector, is how hardworking single woman professionals, especially domain investors are criminally defamed in the worst manner, by cunning rich and powerful communities, like gujjus, sindhis, shivalli brahmins, goan bhandaris,banias, goans, and others, to destroy their credibility so that they can be cheated, exploited, robbed for the rest of their lives. Some of the various defamation techniques widely used, which the cowardly mainstream media does not cover are described below

Video defamation using manipulated, photoshopped videos like the mahant narendra giri case

Fake allegations without any legally valid proof of cheating, black money, security threat

Fake relationships with powerful LIAR ntro/raw employees who actually HATE the single woman

Fake teams to justify the government slavery

The rich and powerful communities, associated officials have perfected criminal defamation using these techniques to destroy the reputation of professionals and others from the most powerless communities in india. The domain investor is not the only one complaining, seven time Lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar, actor sushant singh rajput , a police officer from the karwar bhandari community also complained that they were criminally defamed only to destroy their reputation, career.

So when indian government agencies criminally defame a person people, companies and countries should realize that criminal defamation is the most effective technique used by rich and powerful communities to cheat, exploit powerless communities and become richer and more powerful.

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