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One of the most disgusting things about working online is how internet companies and powerful people falsely claim that the payments are made by the their girlfriends and relatives, when they are actually not spending a single penny. Then these girlfriends and relatives get all the privileges that were due to the webmaster, just because of the lies of their powerful backers.

These powerful people fail to realise that it is not very easy to earn money online, a lot of time, effort and investment is needed to make money online. Offline being the "girlfriend" of a powerful or rich person may make a person very rich and powerful, but online, a webmaster or online business owner has to spend many hours writing content for a website, promoting the websites, experimenting with the different monetization options. In fact writing content for a website is the most time consuming activity, script installation can be completed in a few minutes.

All these activities requires time, and this time can only be obtained by sacrificing on other activities. It is very dishonest on the part of the powerful people in the Indian internet industry to claim that just because their girlfriend is an expert in the art of flirting, knows how to massage their egos, and is glamorous, young, fashionable, that she is the customer spending a lot of money.

Why are these people so spineless and completely devoid of morals, that they find it so difficult to acknowledge the person who is working hard to earn money? Is it their upbringing that teaches them to exploit every vulnerable woman they find, who they feel cannot strike back? Is it their family background and friend circle, which will not censure them for this behaviour, which is not acceptable by any standards?

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