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The website is worth monitoring because it accurately describes the extreme greed of the most powerful and rich communities, officials in india, supported by google, tata. For example kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, is only eighth standard pass, has no professional experience, savings of her own. yet showing the extreme GREED of the SHAMELESS FRAUD panaji gujju sindhi community, since 2010, the GREEDY FRAUD LIAR gujju sindhi officials have been DUPING companies, countries and people that naina, themostshameless sindhi scammer school dropout is an experienced engineer and have got their role model scammer a cbi job for FAKING domain ownership, savings, resume
When their role model school dropout naina was not interested in studying, the shameless FRAUD LIAR sindhi community officials should have been honest about naina's resume that she is only a school dropout illegally married at 16, with no savings, skills, Instead supported by the extremely greedy fraudtech, internet companies led by google, tata FRAUD LIAR sindhi, gujju officials, continue to DUPE countries, companies and people that naina, the most shameless sindhi scammer school dropout with no domain investor is an online expert, owning this other domains with the sindhi fraud news , in a very obvious LIE. This financial, online fraud has continued for 11 years, and being extremely shameless , with no self respect, the sindhis refuse to end the financial fraud.

The domain investor, online publisher owning this website and other domains, websites in the network is complaining mainly because she is victim of government FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY since 2010, with the indian and 5 state government especially in panaji, goa refusing to acknowledge the time and money she is spending doing the computer work and falsely claiming that scammer students, goan call girls, cheater robber housewives and other lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees especially greedy gujju stock broker amita patel who do not do any computer work, do not invest money in domains, own this and other domains, to pay them monthly salaries, while criminally defaming them in the worst manner. . The NTRO/raw employees are also falsely claiming that the savings of the domain investor, who is an experienced engineer, belong to their lazy greedy girlfriends who never worked as engineers, and have almost no savings of their own

After being criminally defamed, cheated, exploited and robbed for more than 11 years since 2010, it is increasingly clear that the richest and most powerful communities in india like the goan bhandaris are extremely aggressive and shameless in their financial fraud, government slavery and criminal defamation of older single women professionals from the poorest and most powerless communities in india, to steal their resume, savings, and become even richer and more powerful. They are ruthless in their financial fraud and criminal defamation mainly because they can get away with it, without being questioned or penalized

For example the domain investor is always honest, will not falsely accuse innocent persons like the gujju fraudster parmar and his friends do, because she is aware that the rich and powerful officials will be extremely ruthless in penalizing her for even small mistakes. The domain investor is not the only one, even the seven time lok sabha MP, Mohan delkar also commented on how his people were being penalized for small mistakes, while rich and powerful communities are never questioned for their endless frauds

For example, if the domain investor will bargain with anyone, she is falsely accused of cheating, denied the income, opportunities she deserved. In contrast the greedy raw/cbi employees especially the gujju stock broker amita patel who charges Rs 6 lakh fee per person, controls Rs 200 crore trades in the stock market, featured in moneycontrol, hindu business line has promised that she would purchase the domains in 2013, 8 years later she has not purchased any domain, yet google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, refuse to take any action against gujju fraudster amita patel, support her in her domain ownership fraud

In almost all cases, the greedy lazy women from the rich and powerful communities have not answered JEE, not studied engineering and have got married immediately after completing their education or after eighth standard like sindhi scammer naina premchandani, do not have professional experience, own savings. Yet instead of acknowledging that women professionals have worked hard for their resume, savings, the officials in the rich and powerful communities are extremely shameless and greedy in cheating, exploiting, criminally defaming, robbing single women engineers

It is a reflection of the widespread rot in indian government, society, that the mainstream media refuses to cover how the rich, powerful communities, their liar officials are criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting hardworking single women engineers from the poorest communities.