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From: "Shreya Goel"
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 2:46 PM
Subject: Complaint against HDFC Bank.

Respected Sir,
My name is Shreya Goel, and I work as Information Developer with
Symantec Corporation, Pune.
My father, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Goel, is a Senior I.A.S. officer and is
currently posted as Divisional Commissioner, Amravati.
Few days ago (June 12-13, 2006), I requested for a car loan from HDFC
Bank. I wanted to take this car for my younger brother, Shreyas, who is
a student of Mechanical Engineering in V.I.T. I asked them if they can
give the loan to Shreyas as primary applicant, and me as co-applicant.
They agreed.
We were asked to produce every possible document that can prove our
existence on Mother Earth - xeroxes of ration card, electricity bill,
driving license, pancard details, Form 16, and I don't know what not! In
my case, it seems my offer letter wasn't enough. They wanted a
Verification Letter.
After signing and producing 100s of docs ... the sales person comes back
saying we cannot approve the loan to a person below 21 years of age.
Here we are, waiting only for a final approval fax and drive out the car
.... n here this person comes n tells that we cannot give the loan to a
21- person ....
With the explanation that the sales guy didn't know that the bank does
not give loan to a 21- person.
Then we signed for a new loan in my name. The sales person threatened
(yes ... threatened) saying that if the rate of interest goes up before
submitting the loan, we'll have to avail the loan on the new interest
Then he takes umpteem number of days to get the loan ... where he needs
so many verification letters - letter to verify that loan is indeed in
my name, to verify that car comes in my name, to verify that I indeed
work in Symantec, to verify that the account from where EMI is to come
is mine ....
Then he wants a letter from the bank saying that I am fine with an
internal bank account number change ...
This, Sir is the limit ... The Bank of Baroda, where I have a Savings
account told me that no such letter is issued. These changes are totally
bank-specific and not for any public use.
To say the least ... it has been so frustrating, so irritating ...
mostly to run every where for 10 different verifications! Like we aren't
good citizens of India ... but petty criminals ....
This is to tell you that I've had such a horrible experience .... all
under the pretext that the sales person did not know how to handle all
these "trivial" issues!!! They have been treating my brother and me are
some petty criminals ... that they want doubly verifications on each n
every authenticated letter.
If they cannot train people well ... please spare us the rigmarole.
People of India ... beware of this bank. I'd suggest that they close
down and first train their employees ... then perhaps we may think to
entering their offices.
Thanks and Regards,
Shreya Goel.

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