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Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) are some of the most popular small savings scheme of the government at the post office. Though there are no major tax benefits unlike the National Saving certificate, the interest rate offered remains fairly attractive, as a result of which many people are investing money in the scheme. The amount invested will double in 8 years 7 months for the new series of KVP issued online.
However there is a major risk in investing money in KVP which very few people are aware of. Many Indian citizens who invested their money in the older KVP (in 2011 and earlier) find that their KVP has been stolen, usually while travelling. Allegedly stealing KVP has become a major racket for indian intelligence agencies to blackmail people and to make some quick money, especially if they are bribed by large corporates. It is almost impossible for a harmless civilian whose KVP has been stolen to get more information using conventional methods like RTI .
KVP lost Complaints from people who have lost their KVP
Why KVP will be stolen Reason for the theft of KVP
KVP theft How the KVP will be stolen
Duplicate KVP How to get the money of the stolen KVP

From online resource complaints are compiled from a financial planning website explaining KVP where people are complaining or asking help for retrieving their lost Kisan Vikas Patra , indicating that it is a widespread problem, and many people have lost the KVP certificate. The content on the website on missing or stolen KVP has been compiled after very extensive and costly research . For more help on Kisan Vikas Patra, sharing your experience, kindly send your details by email to and .
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