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In most sectors, as a persons experience increases, the income also increases. But this is not true in the internet sector. As the person's experience increases, the harassment faced by the person online increases. This includes attacking the person physically, using directed energy weapons, and also sabotaging the business by misusing tax payer money. People start spreading malicious rumours that a person is insane, when there is nothing wrong with the person, just to steal his or her hard earned money.

Some of the methods used to harass an online publisher include sabotaging the computer and mobile phone, spreading blatantly false rumours to ruin the reputation of an innocent person, and allocation of powers to undeserving corrupt individuals. Actually many of these problems could easily be prevented if tax payer money was not wasted to sabotage a legitimate business. However, there is no transparency or accountability, it is very difficult for a stake holder to stop the endless harassment and persecution.

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