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Though Paypal is a very convenient way of receiving payment, a large number of online money making websites, affiliate programs are not making payment using Paypal. In some cases, their Paypal account has been disabled, and some of the legit online data entry websites are claiming that they will never make payment using Paypal or Western Union. So Indian citizens getting paid using these alternative programs, are looking for alternatives. One of the alternative is Perfectmoney.

Though the domain investor has a perfectmoney account, she does not recommend it since password recovery is very difficult. The domain investor , a private citizen had opened the account because of its advertising program. Yet because of the ntro/raw/cbi identity theft racket on her, the fraud officials created an atmosphere of fear that using perfectmoney is illegal in india, due to which she did not use the account for many years.

While other programs will send an email link or OTP if the user has forgotten the password, to reset the password, Perfectmoney only wants a passport or driving license for resetting the password. In India, the election voters slip or voters id is acceptable identity proof, yet Perfectmoney will not accept it. perfectmoney is also charging a huge amount, $100 for account restoration

In India, there are many citizens, especially women who do not have driving licenses or their passport has expired. Yet PerfectMoney is not willing to accept any other id proof. So it is better to use other payment optons like payeer.

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