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Earning money, savings, identity theft

The true life story of the numerous identity theft attempts faced by a single women entrepreneur as powerful people seek to steal her hard earned money of two decades, experience and educational qualifications by wasting tax payer money, extremely expensive equipment and shamelessly promote their mediocre, greedy relatives and friends

Bank selection - select a bank carefully

Earning money - it is not easy to earn money

Easy money - easiest way to earn money online

Online income - declining online income

Managerial accounting help - Advantages of accounting help

Barter rules - Financial implications of barter

Paypal users - Persecution of Paypal account holders

Bitcoin - Bitcoin

Virtual currencies - Virtual currencies

Payment methods - Banks and money payment methods

WARNING : Please note that siddhi mandrekar, sunaina,riddhi caro, kalpita nabar, nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel,ruchika kinger and others are not affiliated with this website in any way at all, though the most powerful men in the indian internet industry, allegedly google and tata are spending huge amounts promoting these lazy women and making false claims on their behalf about their association with this website to exploit the real webmaster.
When these women dont want to spend a single paisa online, why should they get powers or credit?

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